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Online Booking Policies

Hi all. Just a few little heads-ups to let you know the details about our online booking.

All appointments booked online are first 'penciled in' to the calendar until we have a chance to check everything is in order. If everything is dandy, we will confirm your appointment has been booked ASAP.

Colour Appointments

All clients receiving a colour service require a skin test (now law under current EU legislation) 48 hours before commencement of application. This means coming into the salon for a quick chat and so we can give you the test. The test must be carried out a MINIMUM of 48 hours before or it is invalid. Carrying out this test protects us and you; you don't want a swollen face and we don't want litigation. A quick test and Bob's your uncle.

Balayage / Ombre / Correction Appointments

These services are not available to book online primarily because how the work is carried out varies so much from person to person. We offer a free consultation which you can book online. During the consultation we will assess the condition of your hair, suitability, carry out a skin test and basically make sure we are all on the same page. We can then offer an appointment and let you know our estimate for the work.

Colour Service and Colour Consultation Waiting Period

For clients interested in having colour services and consultations, we currently have a waiting period of between 3 and 5 weeks due to high demand (we can offer to add you to our cancellation list which may result in a faster appointment). We will be delighted to have you along for consultation before that time but would like you to be aware of what the wait period will be.

Deposits for services over £100

Due to a high volume of cancellations over the last few weeks, we will be taking a 25% deposit for all technical services which will count towards your final bill upon completion. We will call you after you have made your online booking to take the deposit by card over the phone.

A 24 hour cancellation policy will be strictly followed so as to allow us to have a minimal amount of time to fill the vacated time slot. If your appointment is not cancelled within the 24 hour period, a second deposit will be required to secure a new appointment.

Thanks for your excellent custom - we really appreciate it.


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