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About Muse Hair's Stylist Levels

The best thing about Muse Hair is that we care about our clients. Our Edinburgh salon is stylish, warm & bright a bit like our team!

Stylists Levels

Find out more about our stylist levels at Muse Hair


At Muse Hair we have four stylist levels

  • Graduate: 1-2 years experience
  • Stylist: 2-4 years experience
  • Senior Stylist: 4 years and up
  • Director: Our director Scott has 12 years experience, and counting

The levels allow us to offer our team career progression to keep them motivated and challenged, which has a positive impact on them. The levels also indicate the stylists' experience level.

All our stylists are qualified to a high standard, but as with any profession, the longer we do it, the better we get. If you find that you have persistent issues with your hair that cause you concern, we would recommend going for someone with more experience.

If you are looking to maintain your look, or go for a new classic do, then our Stylist and Graduate stylist levels are great.